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Much of the material contained within this website was obtained from family researchers who devoted their time and expense to dig through piles of records and obtain data for all of us to share.   We will at times recognize these researchers through a special dedication page which is forth coming.

This website is dedicated to Johannes Striebel and his descendents.

Johannes brought his family to America in 1708 - 1710 from Germany as a part of the Palatinate movement.  He was apprenticed to pay for his family's passage, therefore came to the Livingston Manor in the Pine Plains area of Dutchess County New York.

A special tribute my Mother & Father who got me interested in our Family Tree over 30 years ago.
Thank You,
Roy & Eva Strevel of Spring Lake, MI.

Thank you to my son Robert Joseph Strevel,
who took a conception which I had and turned it into a reality by developing & creating this family website.  Please provide your feedback through e-mail or post-it for prosterity.